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Happy New Year From The StockDonator Team


We wish all our partner organizations a happy and healthy new year, full of success and new stock donations! You can be a hero to your donors this year by offering a tax break and receiving a valuable donation.  Don’t forget to send out a link to your donors, letting them know about the significant […]

Open a Brokerage Account or Stock Donator?


During the holiday season, many organizations, especially 501(c)3’s are looking for ways to increase revenue.  One of the easiest ways to increase revenues is to allow your donor multiple ways of donating money. One of the most popular non-cash donations is a donation of Stock.  Traditionally 501(c)3 can accept stock donations only by opening a […]

Stock Donations Reached $23.7 Billion!


Of all non-cash contributions made, Stock Donations represented the largest category of noncash donations at $23.7 billion or 44.9 % of all non-cash contributions. Over 450,824 stock donations were made to non-profits in one year!  With such a large number of stock donations and such a large amount, each Non-profit should do more to accept stock […]

Donate Stock Online


Stock Donator is focused on providing non-profits and other organizations with an easy and efficient way of accepting stock donations.  Donors may open accounts free and receive a cross-branded website which will allow them to accept stock donations from donors within a day. Donating stock online has never been easier.  Sign up your organization today […]

Stock Donator vs. Donor Advised Funds


A donor-advised fund is a charitable giving vehicle administered by another entity and created for the purpose of managing charitable donations on behalf of an organization, family, or individual. A donor-advised fund requires the donor to set aside a certain sum of money that may be invested in stocks, and later, if the stocks appreciate in value, […]

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