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Step by step instructions on how to add a Donate Stock button to your website


Here are step by step instructions on how to add a “Donate Stock” button to your website to enable donors to donate stock directly to your website:

To accomplish this, first you must open and create a Stock Donator Account.  Then:

1.  Login to your Stock Donator account

2.  From your home page, you’ll notice five tabs across the middle of your screen (e.g., ‘Mission Statement / Logo’, ‘Liquidation Preference’, etc.)

3.  Click on the far right tab labeled ‘Website Widget’

4.  Highlight the html script within the light grey shaded box.

5.  Copy the script (Ctrl + C)

6.  Paste in the appropriate area within your website’s HTML.  Feel free to edit the appearance of the button to be consistent with your page’s branding / look and feel etc.

viola!  You’re ready to start accepting stock donations from your website!


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