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Frequently Asked Questions:

What Does Stock Donator Charge in Fees?

Please see the following page which explains the fees we charge:

Is there a phone number which I can call to talk to someone?

No.  It  has been our policy not to communicate by phone as we are dealing with sensitive liability concerns with the transfer of stock.  For that reason we have until now required all communications to be in writing.  We would be happy to respond in writing to any questions you may have.  You may contact us by clicking here.

My brokerage Account is not listed / I would prefer not to provide my stock brokerage account information to you.  Can I still use Stock Donator to make a donation?

Yes!  We offer a Non-Automated way of making the donation as well.  The donor would be required to process their transaction from their end, but we will handle the process from the organization’s end.  All that is required is for the donor to fill out a quarter page “Non-Automated Transfer Request Form” for each transaction. Email us if you would like a copy of that form by clicking here.