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Step by step instructions on how to add a Donate Stock button to your website


Here are step by step instructions on how to add a “Donate Stock” button to your website to enable donors to donate stock directly to your website:

To accomplish this, first you must open and create a Stock Donator Account.  Then:

1.  Login to your Stock Donator account

2.  From your home page, you’ll notice five tabs across the middle of your screen (e.g., ‘Mission Statement / Logo’, ‘Liquidation Preference’, etc.)

3.  Click on the far right tab labeled ‘Website Widget’

4.  Highlight the html script within the light grey shaded box.

5.  Copy the script (Ctrl + C)

6.  Paste in the appropriate area within your website’s HTML.  Feel free to edit the appearance of the button to be consistent with your page’s branding / look and feel etc.

viola!  You’re ready to start accepting stock donations from your website!

Get ready for December!


Stock Donations peak around December.  Non-profit organizations that are looking to get a leg up on receiving fundraising dollars should be looking to prepare for receiving stock donations starting now!  The process is very simple with Stock Donator.  Open an account online for free and you can be ready to receive stock donations within 24 hours after going through our approval process.

As December is nearing, make sure you are doing everything you can for your non-profit or 501(c)3 which includes preparing for a flood of incoming Stock Donations with Stock Donator.

Stock Donator Transactions Fees dropped to low 1.9%*


Just announced low 1.9% fee!

Stock Donator’s transaction fee for a successful transaction is now 1.9% which is lower than some credit cards and lower than paypal.  Now organizations have an incentive in getting stock donations,  your fee is less than accepting cash!

We guarantee you won’t find a lower transaction fee for accepting stock online from any other vendor.

*The 1.9% fee is still subject to the $10 minimum and to all trade fees as stated in our user agreement.

Now is a great time to advertise your organization’s ability to quickly, easily and effectively accept stock donations online!


How to accept stock donations without opening a brokerage account


Using, the only steps required to accept stock donations without opening a brokerage account are:

  1. Open a Stockdonator account
  2. Place a stockdonator button on their website!

It is that simple. After these 2 steps, anytime a donor wishes to make a donation. will do all the work and the only thing left for the non-profit is to cash a check.

Please see the FAQs if you have additional questions that you want answered about, including what the fees are for this service. 

Click here to open a free account today.

Without, Non profits have a lot of work to do.  People often underestimate the amount of time and effort required to run a non-profit.  Much of a non-profit’s time and effort might be spent on mundane paperwork and processes that distract the organization from the true good work they are doing. Take for example a simple stock donation.  

If a non-profit has a donor who is willing to make a stock donation, that non-profit will have to take the following steps in order to accept a stock donation without stock donator:

  1. open a brokerage account (if they don’t have one already). Which involves researching which brokerage firm is most convenient and has the least fees and will probably involve making visits to the branch to sign papers.
  2. send the brokerage account information to the donor
  3. send the donor the correct stock transfer form
  4. from the date the form is sent to the donor, to the date the stock is received by the non-profit, the organization will have to continuously check their brokerage account for the stock to appear. 
  5. the non-profit will then have to prepare a receipt and figure out what the correct cost basis of the stock is. 
  6. the non-profit will then sell the stock and transfer the cash from the brokerage firm to their bank account.

Sometimes, a non-profit will have to go through all these 6 steps to receive a small donation of a few hundred dollars.  And for each donation, they will have to repeat the cumbersome steps above.  Sometimes the hourly rate which they pay a person to deal with the above process will be more expensive than the proceeds of the donation they received!

The small fee they pay more than makes up for the increase in productivity. The non-profit does what they do best, and stockdonator takes care of what it does best – making stock donations an automated, online process.    

New Years Resolution – Get more stock donations to your charity!


With the recent economic slow down, donations to charities has also suffered.  Many non-profits need to re-think their fundraising efforts.   Donors are looking for ways to get the most bang for their buck!

Many organizations are advertising and receiving stock donations as Donors are recognizing the significant tax advantage to donating stock. As the market rebounds, more people will have appreciated stock and will desire the ability to donate those  securities.


Sign up for a Stock Donator account today to start receiving stock donations in the easiest way possible.

Happy New Year From The StockDonator Team


We wish all our partner organizations a happy and healthy new year, full of success and new stock donations!

You can be a hero to your donors this year by offering a tax break and receiving a valuable donation.  Don’t forget to send out a link to your donors, letting them know about the significant tax advantages of donating stock and point them to your free cross-branded stock donator donation page.

Warm wishes,

The Stock Donator Team.

Open a Brokerage Account or Stock Donator?


During the holiday season, many organizations, especially 501(c)3’s are looking for ways to increase revenue.  One of the easiest ways to increase revenues is to allow your donor multiple ways of donating money.

One of the most popular non-cash donations is a donation of Stock.  Traditionally 501(c)3 can accept stock donations only by opening a brokerage account with one of the big brokerage firms.  They usually face the problem of running out of time before year end to do so, or, if they had the foresight to open an account in time, they run into logistical problems with the brokerage firm they have chosen or with their donor’s brokerage firm.

Instead of opening a brokerage account, non-profits have the option of opening an account with Stock Donator.  The process can be done online and takes only 1 day to verify.  Once the Stock Donator account is open, the Donor will be able to donate stock to the 501(c)3 quickly and easily through the organization’s cross branded website.

Now, when a donor calls and asks if you have the capability to accept stock donations, you can happily say “YES!”  Thanks to Stock Donator you no longer need to open a brokerage account.  Simply point your donor to and they will be able to donate stock to your non-profit quickly, securely and easily.

Stock Donations Reached $23.7 Billion!


Of all non-cash contributions made, Stock Donations represented the largest category of noncash donations at $23.7 billion or 44.9 % of all non-cash contributions.

Over 450,824 stock donations were made to non-profits in one year!  With such a large number of stock donations and such a large amount, each Non-profit should do more to accept stock donation.  Stock Donator is the number one way to donate stock online.  Apply for an organization account today!

Source: Internal Revenue Service, Statistics of Income Bulletin, Spring 2010

Non Cash Contributions

The recently published IRS Spring 2010 Statistics of Income Bulletin provides insight into noncash giving by donation type, donor age and income for tax year 2007. More than 6.9 million tax returns reported $52.8 billion in noncash charitable donations. Of the roughly 18.6 million noncash donations that were reported:

Individual Noncash Charitable Contributions, 2007

(Money amounts are in the thousands of dollars)

Type of Donation

Number of Donations


All donations



Corporate stock



Mutual funds



Other investments



Real estate






Conservation Easement



Façade Easement



Art and collectibles















Household items






Other Vehicles






Airline tickets/miles






Source: Internal Revenue Service, Statistics of Income Bulletin, Spring 2010

Donate Stock Online


Stock Donator is focused on providing non-profits and other organizations with an easy and efficient way of accepting stock donations.  Donors may open accounts free and receive a cross-branded website which will allow them to accept stock donations from donors within a day.

Donating stock online has never been easier.  Sign up your organization today to allow your donors to donate stock online to your organization.

Red Cross Initiates Stock Donation Program for Japan Earthquake Victims


Company Expands Siebert Charitable Stock Donation Program to Include New International Relief Efforts as Investors Show Interest in Donating Stock to Help in Japan Tragedy

On Tuesday, March 22, 2011 — The American Red Cross and Siebert Financial Corp. (NASDAQ: SIEB)  announced an expansion to a program aimed at encouraging stock donations to aid the victims of the Japan earthquake and tsunami disaster.  The plan eliminated for a short period of time any commission charges on sales of stock donated to the Red Cross, for the victims of the Japan earthquake and tsunami.

As an example of Siebert’s program, if a contribution to the Red Cross involves 200 shares of stock trading at $20 per share, the value of the contribution could be increased by more than $120 by eliminating commissions that would typically be charged by a full-commission broker.  To date, Siebert has sold more than $16,500,000 in stock donated to the Red Cross.

Stock  Donator commends both the Red Cross and Siebert for their efforts and for identifying the tax benefits to donors of donating stock over donating cash.  Stock Donator reminds you that we make donating stock to non profits an easy, secure, and simple online process.  Open an account today!  

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