StockDonator : sample

Stock Donator Fee Structure:

There is no fee to open an account or maintain an account. We charge a per transaction fee that is lower than a typical credit card transaction fee.

Currently there is no charge for an organization to create an account or maintain an account with Stock Donator.

There are per transaction charges of 1.9% of the total donation value in addition to the brokerage fees for liquidating a stock (the sale of a stock).  The brokerage fees typically range from $10 – $15 per transaction.  For example, a donation with a value of $10,000 and a $10 liquidation fee would yield net proceeds of $9,800 ($10,000 – ($190) – ($10)). 

Additionally there may be assessed wire transfer fees to send proceeds via wire transfer, but there is no such fee for delivery of a check by US Mail.  The details and conditions of these fees and are all listed on our legal section  Section 1.g.  

*All fees are subject to change.